Aloha means goodbye

Thanks to all who follow and like my blog. It is time to end this. I allowed my real life to be seen here and it is causing problems. You can thank the morons from my real life who won’t leave me alone. I have to sleep with locked doors and I have to block numbers on my phone. One day, I will start a new blog under a different name and keep it anonymous. Read ya later! Aloha… #miso808



Get the fuck away from me

Calling in the middle of the night, drunk

Leave me alone

Asking if you could see me


Get the fuck away from me

Leave me alone

So you miss me

You didn’t want me

I am better off


Save your bullshit for someone who wants to hear it

I don’t want you

Grow up and go away

Leave me alone


This is not a dream

This is a nightmare

Leave me alone

If you come to my house so will the police

And if I don’t beat the shit out of you before they get here

Then they can just arrest you without having to stop at the hospital first

I know how to use a gun too

And I will pull the trigger


What the fuck is wrong with you

Leave me alone

Seven voicemails in a row

And you think I won’t block your number?

What the fuck is wrong with you

You are not what I want and do you understand why

Cuz you are fucking stupid!


Leave me alone


What the fuck is your problem

OMFG, stalker…




Message to the Moron

Yes you have earned a name and this is about you.

I said what I meant and I meant what I said.

It is time to learn about boundaries.

Do not cross the line and speak to me of your pathetic life.

I walked away and asked to be left alone.

You have no reason to speak to me.

I am not part of your world and you are not part of mine.

I do not look back or go backwards, only forward.

There is no reason for me to think about you.

I meant what I said and I said what I meant.

Your problems are your own and I do not want to be part of them.

I love my life and I don’t want you in my life.

Please realize that this is my poetry and it has nothing to do with you.

If I wrote something and you thought it was about you then you are delusional.

I am inspired by people and events but I do not write thinking of reality.

Reality is not what my words are based on.

My words come from my dream to love and be loved.

It is a dream and not real but I am inspired by reality to dream.

I have also lived and loved with great passion.

You are not the only one who could inspire me.

I am trying to be nice and polite when all I want to say is, “Fuck off.”

But I do feel pity for you and your stupidity.

Unfortunately for you, I said what I meant and I meant what I said.

Stop trying to take advantage of my kindness and just be thankful that you get to read my poetry.

It would be sad to have to end this blog.

You need to make your life about you and not about me.

Especially since I do not want you in my life.

I meant what I said and I said what I meant so please fuck off now.

And have a nice day!

What I am

There are many things I am not

But what I am is so much greater

I am a lover and a dreamer

With a magic that will blind you

You will feel a love like never before

It will be unlike anything we have ever known

I am a flower in the breeze

And I can feel your heartbeat

I can read your mind

I can touch your soul

I am like no other woman you have ever met

We will live in ecstacy

Be my muse and let me live the love I dream

I am not asking for forever

For love can be fleeting

All I ask is for just a little romance

What I am will be gone with the morning sun


Sometimes I look for signs

And I have to laugh now when I think I see them.

I used to think I should follow them


I think I see what I want to see.

I let my dreams cloud reality

And I find myself wanting to see clearly


I want to dream about you.

I try but I can’t let myself

And I am able to keep control


I am scared.

I don’t know what is real

And I want to trust you


I am tired of being disappointed.

I don’t have expectations

And I can’t ask you for what I need


I want you to know.

I can only hope

And if I believe, desire, and trust


Hormone Headache Alert

So I started thinking about this guy who is imo, a perfect man.

Then I started thinking well, what if this happens.

Next I thought then this could happen.

Thinking and thinking,

Over thinking,

Tying my stomach into knots.

I want a boyfriend someday.

This guy who has faults is still, imo, a perfect man.

Woman can’t help but notice him.

He’s adorable and funny.




Imo, what woman wouldn’t want to date this man!

I could gush on and on like a school girl

But I am having a case of life timing issues.

Life is such a bitch sometimes.

So sad that I can’t try to date this man.

Monku, monku, monku…

The only solution is to just be friends

And hope

(insert sigh)

That maybe someday

(insert sigh)

(Please allow for a moment of daydreaming)

My heart is a flutter with hope

But my life is a clutter with too much other crap.

And fyi (idk if this is true but), women have 50+ hormones messing with their bodies and minds.

So I have problems

But I can find solutions to my insanity.

My first solution is to take a nap

And dream about the perfect man that I can’t date because I am insane.

I’m blaming the hormones and taking some motrin!