I am alone, I have myself

It is me time, time to be

Quiet inside, racing with thoughts

Releasing the voice of the soul

Hearing reality, living dreaming

flying solo, searching to nestle

Contradictions clashing, fighting fears


Definitely Maybe

There was no hope to dream

The fear of hurt was overwhelming

Drowning in pain and sorrow

The storm was fierce and long

Destruction pathed to death

There were no more tears to shed


And then there is the sunrise

Another tomorrow in the seemingly endless tomorrows

There is a little warmth

The skies brighten as the clouds part

Lingering is the fear of the dark

The path back looms in the shadows

Knowing the abyss awaits

Then there is hope

With hand outstretched and words of gentle breathe

Reaching to hold a moment of pleasure

Living in a moment of ecstasy that melts the mind and body into one

Walking on air and knowing that to believe, desire, and trust can lead to paths of dreams

Finding the ability to dream again

Dreaming to live dreams

Untitled #430

I keep repeating the words to myself,

It will never work out.

I don’t know the future.

Yet I am unwilling to wait.

Patience is not my virtue.

I keep repeating the words to myself,

It will never work out.

I want it to work out.

Yet I am unwilling to wait.

Patience is not my virtue.

I keep repeating the words to myself,

It will never work out.

I need to stop talking

And I need to learn to wait.

Patience will be my virtue.

Thank You

Sometimes when I feel sad

And full of raw emotion,

I write and release.

Sometimes when I feel sad

And I write something,

I will read other blogs

And wait

To see if someone will like me.

Then when someone does,

It makes me feel better.

Even if it is just one person,

It makes me feel better.

Sometimes when I feel sad

And I need to feel better,

I know how

To make myself feel better.

Thank you for liking me.

You make me feel better.

Finding Happiness – Entry #2

There are many sayings about finding happiness but my favorite comes from the Dalai Lama and was previously posted on the blog,

“Happiness is not something ready made. It comes from your own actions.”

We make our own happiness. It comes from within us. But how… How do we make happiness?

For me, happiness comes from believing in myself and knowing that I must make decisions for myself and not based upon what others think is best for me. I make my decisions and I accept the consequences of my actions. I call it “Personal Responsibility” and it is what I would like to share.

Personal Responsibility = I am responsible for me, my thoughts, and my actions. I accept the good and bad consequences/outcomes. I fix the errors I make by being accountable for my behavior and strive to become better by not making the same errors.

We have no one to blame but ourselves and although there are many factors in life beyond our control, we can overcome the hurdles to make our lives filled with happiness. The choices are ours.

Is happiness found, made, or a little of both? What say you…