A little song to fall asleep to…


Untitled #467

I can’t stop smiling

Because I am happy with me

I am alone

And surrounded by love

I am in love with myself

You will love me too

If we ever meet when I am me

No walls up

Guard down

Just me

I live in my own world

With mermaids

Christmas everyday

Glass flowers

Magical fairy dust

I just can’t stop smiling

I am in love with myself

It is a love affair that I thought died

But I was just lost

On a dark deep path

In a thick dense forrest

I found my way

I found my inspiration

My little lights to brighten my way

We found each other

They gave me unconditional love

I felt my heart

I found my sight

I found myself

We will forever be bound

With love


What I am

There are many things I am not

But what I am is so much greater

I am a lover and a dreamer

With a magic that will blind you

You will feel a love like never before

It will be unlike anything we have ever known

I am a flower in the breeze

And I can feel your heartbeat

I can read your mind

I can touch your soul

I am like no other woman you have ever met

We will live in ecstacy

Be my muse and let me live the love I dream

I am not asking for forever

For love can be fleeting

All I ask is for just a little romance

What I am will be gone with the morning sun


Sometimes I look for signs

And I have to laugh now when I think I see them.

I used to think I should follow them


I think I see what I want to see.

I let my dreams cloud reality

And I find myself wanting to see clearly


I want to dream about you.

I try but I can’t let myself

And I am able to keep control


I am scared.

I don’t know what is real

And I want to trust you


I am tired of being disappointed.

I don’t have expectations

And I can’t ask you for what I need


I want you to know.

I can only hope

And if I believe, desire, and trust


Stupid Girl #114

How does this man do this to me…

Why do I let myself get like this…

What a wonderful way to start anew…

Reliving old nightmares…

Reviving old dreams…

Feeling alive…

Somebody needs to punch me in the gut…

And kick me in the butt…

Stand me back up…

And catch me when I fall on my face.

Poor, poor me, pour me another drink

While I puke from being punched in the gut.

See what dating can do,

It was such a wonderful bad idea

To be able to feel feelings, emotions, and enjoy them.

Crazy girl, stupid girl, just a girl…

Loving life.



The Hands

Reach out

Reach up

Reach inside

Find what is inside

Hold on to it

For it is you

Feel what you feel

Grab on to yourself

Love who you are

Reach for the stars

With one hand

Throw yourself out there

With the other

Keep tightly grasped

To your heart

And hold your soul’s hand

As you enjoy the unknown

Reaching out

Reaching up

Reaching inside

You are never alone

You make your world

You fill it with your loved ones

You pull each other up

You hold each others hands

You have love

Reached out

Reached up

Reached inside

There is no end

Your well of love

Is what you give

You fill and refill

To satiate your life

Reach up

Reach out

Reach inside

Find yourself

Close your eyes

Feel yourself

You love you