Get the fuck away from me

Calling in the middle of the night, drunk

Leave me alone

Asking if you could see me


Get the fuck away from me

Leave me alone

So you miss me

You didn’t want me

I am better off


Save your bullshit for someone who wants to hear it

I don’t want you

Grow up and go away

Leave me alone


This is not a dream

This is a nightmare

Leave me alone

If you come to my house so will the police

And if I don’t beat the shit out of you before they get here

Then they can just arrest you without having to stop at the hospital first

I know how to use a gun too

And I will pull the trigger


What the fuck is wrong with you

Leave me alone

Seven voicemails in a row

And you think I won’t block your number?

What the fuck is wrong with you

You are not what I want and do you understand why

Cuz you are fucking stupid!


Leave me alone


What the fuck is your problem

OMFG, stalker…




Thinking About Drinking

It’s one of those days that I am glad to be an adult.

I need an adult beverage.

Nothing too strong but something to calm the nerves.

The middle of the day and things are not okay

So a little liquor won’t hurt.

But if I go to a bar

I will take it too far

And lose myself in booze.

Luckily I have just one beer

In the back of the fridge

And it’s perfectly cold.

I can hear it calling my name.

I’m perfectly sane

And it goes down so smoothly.

It makes a lovely lunch!