Aloha means goodbye

Thanks to all who follow and like my blog. It is time to end this. I allowed my real life to be seen here and it is causing problems. You can thank the morons from my real life who won’t leave me alone. I have to sleep with locked doors and I have to block numbers on my phone. One day, I will start a new blog under a different name and keep it anonymous. Read ya later! Aloha… #miso808


Stupidgirlbrain #499

With a few words he makes me melt…

I am holding on for dear life

Trying to keep my composure

Gluing my feet to the ground

Keeping my head out of the clouds

Moving and working to stay focused

Pushing the thoughts of him out of my head

But I am melting…


Never Looking Back

It is what we know

It is the past

Memories floating in our mind

Drifting in the tide of our emotions

As we swim the seas of love and life to make our choices

Learning to swim through the rough waters

Floating with the currents

Adrift into the future

Oceans of unknown and uncharted water

Dark skies lit by stars to chart and navigate

Sunrises and sunsets to come and go

New seas of love to swim and wash away the fear

Braving the unknown and thinking there is knowing

But there is nothing known only deceptive similarities

Creating imaginary rough waters which uncalmed will grow to tidal waves

All of which are nothing but imagined in the mind

Keep swimming towards the dawn

Brave the night to endure the rough seas of light leading to love

Definitely Maybe

There was no hope to dream

The fear of hurt was overwhelming

Drowning in pain and sorrow

The storm was fierce and long

Destruction pathed to death

There were no more tears to shed


And then there is the sunrise

Another tomorrow in the seemingly endless tomorrows

There is a little warmth

The skies brighten as the clouds part

Lingering is the fear of the dark

The path back looms in the shadows

Knowing the abyss awaits

Then there is hope

With hand outstretched and words of gentle breathe

Reaching to hold a moment of pleasure

Living in a moment of ecstasy that melts the mind and body into one

Walking on air and knowing that to believe, desire, and trust can lead to paths of dreams

Finding the ability to dream again

Dreaming to live dreams

Untitled #467

I can’t stop smiling

Because I am happy with me

I am alone

And surrounded by love

I am in love with myself

You will love me too

If we ever meet when I am me

No walls up

Guard down

Just me

I live in my own world

With mermaids

Christmas everyday

Glass flowers

Magical fairy dust

I just can’t stop smiling

I am in love with myself

It is a love affair that I thought died

But I was just lost

On a dark deep path

In a thick dense forrest

I found my way

I found my inspiration

My little lights to brighten my way

We found each other

They gave me unconditional love

I felt my heart

I found my sight

I found myself

We will forever be bound

With love


What I am

There are many things I am not

But what I am is so much greater

I am a lover and a dreamer

With a magic that will blind you

You will feel a love like never before

It will be unlike anything we have ever known

I am a flower in the breeze

And I can feel your heartbeat

I can read your mind

I can touch your soul

I am like no other woman you have ever met

We will live in ecstacy

Be my muse and let me live the love I dream

I am not asking for forever

For love can be fleeting

All I ask is for just a little romance

What I am will be gone with the morning sun