Stupidgirlbrain #490

I am a blathering idiot babbling on about love…

But it is fun to feel that rush of adrenaline

The release of endorphins or hormones that makes my brain all fuzzy

Tomorrow will be a new day with a clear head seeing reality

Smiling when I look up at the clouds

The delicate balance of emotion and that fine line between love and pain

Shattering fantasies and dreams with the doses of reality

Walking with feet trying to stay on the ground

Keeping focused, centered, and balanced

With my mind floating in the breeze with thoughts of yesterdays




8 thoughts on “Stupidgirlbrain #490

      • Seriously, I have lived and loved… I know more than I ever thought I would and I wanted to die from knowing so much. I am forever young with an ancient soul of wisdom which keeps evolving as this life takes me on a journey to reach nirvana… I live in the moment and loved without fear. I fly blind and follow my heart to hear my instincts so I can soar in my beautiful world, fierce and ready to enjoy all that I have left to give and receive. Maybe one day, I will know a love as I dream…

  1. You sound like a heart-broken person whose dreams/expectations have been smashed few times even though you were aware of the consequences after the first time but still treaded along hoping this time it will be different. Unless you are 30+ with no real purpose yet, just suck it in and find inspiration to get started fresh. its life!

    • lol, I am not without real purpose and thank you for sharing your thoughts. Love comes and goes, life is always changing, and sometimes we all have pains to go through to get us where we need to be. I just write what I think in a bit of an unrealistic perspective because this is not my reality. This is my world where I work through my love, loss, happiness, and sadness with words that help me keep my reality a great place to be. Someday, I’ll write you a book so you can understand and know my story…. but it will also be fictional with just a foothold in reality, lol.

      • If you want to know about me and my life, well, that is not what this blog is about… this is about my poetry and my expression. Come to your own conclusions, make up your own ideas about who I am, but these are just ideas, thoughts, dreams, feelings from a romantic with a young outlook and an old soul.

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