Sometimes I look for signs

And I have to laugh now when I think I see them.

I used to think I should follow them


I think I see what I want to see.

I let my dreams cloud reality

And I find myself wanting to see clearly


I want to dream about you.

I try but I can’t let myself

And I am able to keep control


I am scared.

I don’t know what is real

And I want to trust you


I am tired of being disappointed.

I don’t have expectations

And I can’t ask you for what I need


I want you to know.

I can only hope

And if I believe, desire, and trust



4 thoughts on “Crickets

  1. We tend to make two mistakes. First, we look for signs and become disappointed when we don’t see them. Second, we miss the signs that were there that we didn’t see. Best to let go of expectation and simply ‘let it be’.

    • agreed and then there are those times when someone walks into your life with hope tatooed on their chest so what else can you do but wait and see 🙂

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