Hormone Headache Alert

So I started thinking about this guy who is imo, a perfect man.

Then I started thinking well, what if this happens.

Next I thought then this could happen.

Thinking and thinking,

Over thinking,

Tying my stomach into knots.

I want a boyfriend someday.

This guy who has faults is still, imo, a perfect man.

Woman can’t help but notice him.

He’s adorable and funny.




Imo, what woman wouldn’t want to date this man!

I could gush on and on like a school girl

But I am having a case of life timing issues.

Life is such a bitch sometimes.

So sad that I can’t try to date this man.

Monku, monku, monku…

The only solution is to just be friends

And hope

(insert sigh)

That maybe someday

(insert sigh)

(Please allow for a moment of daydreaming)

My heart is a flutter with hope

But my life is a clutter with too much other crap.

And fyi (idk if this is true but), women have 50+ hormones messing with their bodies and minds.

So I have problems

But I can find solutions to my insanity.

My first solution is to take a nap

And dream about the perfect man that I can’t date because I am insane.

I’m blaming the hormones and taking some motrin!





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