To My Children

I know it is hard right now.

Our world is upside down.

If we walked on our hands,

It might look right side up

But I doubt that would help.

All we would accomplish

Is getting a head rush.

Maybe that is what we need

A good rush of blood to clear our head.

Shake things up inside.

I want you to know

I love you.

No matter what.

I love

Our talks,

Our songs,

Our time together.

I love that you are growing up.

I love watching you become you.

I love that I can be here to help you.

I am always here.

I will always be with you.

Inside of you

I see myself

And you.

The decisions you make

As you grow up

Will be yours.

I see how strong you are

I know you.

Remember and learn from

The good and the bad.

Not all choices will be good

Unless you learn from them.

Life lessons are the hardest

But can be the most rewarding.

I don’t know everything.

All I know is that I love you.

You are my world.

You make my heart happy

And overflowing with love.

Our love is magical.

It is the source of my magic.

I am sorry

For the sad time.

But out of this time

We will grow


Our love

Will make us better.

We will always be together.

We have each other.

So cliche but so true.

Blowing you kisses my babies.

Did you catch them?

Now where’s mine?

I caught them.

I will keep them in my kisses jar.

Sweet dreams.


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