Untitled #402

My heart is frozen and numb.

It is hard to be motivated.

Dying inside with a desire to be loved.

Drained of the energy I foolishly gave away.

My heart opened and warmed.

It was ready to hold hands and be held.

Fulfilling a dream to live love.

Without thought of consequence I lost myself in a moment.

My heart aches with sorrow and joy.

It feels again.

Dreaming of dreams lost in tears.

With the ability to find myself and walk away into the cold darkness of the unknown.




2 thoughts on “Untitled #402

  1. Oh darling…
    I know this feeling. It’s ok to want those things, because the more you believe that you are deserving of such wonder, it WILL find you. Our hearts gravitate towards its true desire.

    Finding the peace at the end of the road to the unknown is worth the entire journey. Our scars won’t let us forget, but loves’ salve sure helps the healing process. 🙂

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