sweepin the clouds away

They are soft and warm

the green of Sesame Street

and Oscar’s fur

Safe and fuzzy

surrounding and supporting

the standing feet in comfort

aching from the high heel charade

grumbling mumbling under breathe

muffled by the softness

The socks are the warmers

a grouch comforter

maybe socks are the answer to the world’s woes

soft warm shag wrapping feet and toes

Then comes the rain

wet and soggy hopefully not muddy too

washing makes them softer

The cool nights chills footsteps

leading to thoughts of green socks

fuzzy and warm singing the way

as my mind travels back to get back

so I can get to Sesame Street

in silly socks for magic feet

walking in a television imagination station

the stench of real trash

passing out in a sorrow drowning can

the sock can talk

alcohol makes fantasy real

eyes can grow on fuzzy green

and voices can come from anywhere inside the head

the hands must touch fantasy

socks are reality

lying down and unable to determine if lying down is vertical or horizontal

grabbing oscar the grouch

biting my toe believing I had a good hold of his head

wanting to eat an eye

feeling painfully stupid

falling over

passing out

as I get to Sesame Street

in my soft fuzzy magic socks

everyone should get a pair

Reality sets in and the smell of the trash can

makes me sing about the people in my neighborhood

the people that we meet each day

they need to take the trash away

the green socks talks like Oscar


but this time the list of things from the store

a quart of milk

a stick of butter

was there a loaf of bread

I just know

and a stick of butter

cute little animated brother

did he got to Mr. Hooper’s

I know he got a stick of butter

Quietly say cookies

monsters need to learn to make them

where is the smoking section

move to trash

robed underwear tank top

halitosis intoxication reeking dragon breath

stumbling down the street

Big Bird has a fridge

sharing is caring and one can always blame Mr. Snufflelufagus

invisibility is a wonderful characteristic

does Big Bird have bird mites

with teddy in the nest would be a great place to sleep

Ernie’s window is right above

A nap in a dream of a delusion

Can you tell me how to get to Sesame Street?

Socks would be good for the trip.


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