Random Thought #297

Sitting uncomfortably

Unable to think beyond prose

Dreading the prospect of another day

Needing tea and some magic

Wanting to get lost in my head

Having to stay in the physical world

Wondering if I can write a story

Doubting myself confidently

Considering a story in prose

Lost in a box of jumbled thoughts

Hiding from the reality

Empty of the thing that keeps me going

Why is it love I crave and seek

Consumed by a desire for love

Unable to find passion of this measure

I return to my childhood memories

Happy is just being alive

And one day I realized it was over

Expectations perceptions misunderstandings

A lack of understanding and ignorance

Choices and thoughtlessness

Acceptance understanding unacceptable

Forgiving forgetting forgoing

Clouds of haze

Lastly surrounded by the reasons

Their pictures

Their things

Our lives together

They are starting to see

Their eyes are opening to the world

They begin their daily adventure

As I kiss them goodbye

To head off and back to hide under my blanket

Titled: How to Pull Yourself Together or Not


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