Making People

There are those moments

Completely relaxed

Able to be with the children

Being myself

Enjoying the moments

Just listening

Learning and remembering the times of childhood.

Our children

Blank slates

Filled with the environment

Mixing genetics

Watching them grow

Creating memories

Running around the neighborhood

Carefree moments

Pretending playing games with stories

Living dreams

Conversations are more than me talking

Questioning answers

Trying to fit in and make friends

Pubescence changes

Filled with memories and the desire for more

Growing up

Ending the times of childhood to responsible days

Transitioning focus

Attention to the desire for more

Dreaming dreams

Desiring things that enhance survival

Money costs

Lessons learned behavioral patternings

Ways set

From where we once began

We return

Becoming those that raised us.

Thinking not

Finding ourselves in the place we are meant to be

Accepting choices

Taking responsibility for our lives without blame

Better world

Making better choices by being better educated

Inspirational intellect

Being a collective society living in harmony

Individual unison

Balancing tolerant humanity acceptance

Utopian fiction

Reality is shallow and simple

Childhood founded

Live the fiction and pretend reality

People smart

Learn to play with others seeing how they play

Being adult

Bringing the joy of childhood through life

Living lesson

Nurture nature being perceptively visionary

Magic love

For all my children.

Misfortunate that the illusion of a dream materialistic life deludes corrupting possibility making people


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