a divorcing

There is his truth, her truth and the truth.

This is his truth, her truth and my truth.

It is objective bias truth.

It began in the beginning.

There is only one word.

There was no respect.

He had no respect.

She had no respect.

Dependence deluded with dependence

He spoke she silenced

The balance was lost in delusion.

Creation of the dream

Suburbs, supermom, the “big piece of chicken”

The pressure to mold and shape

Destroyed an already fragile illusion

Left is a structure to house the dream

He replaced her.

She was glad to be replaced.

The they are the in betweens.

They are caught between he and she to be between.

Now there is his side, her side and their side and the truth… so many sides so many truths.

Hope for respect lost

He is moving on.

She is going on.

They have a shattered dream.

Lost illusions built on delusions which truth is untrue in a surreal reality.

The end is now unending and cannot be called an end so it is named divorce.


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