The past lives of my soul – origins

I once lived many lives; It is one of those things I just know; One of those things I have always known.

I didn’t know what made me so different. I didn’t understand. I couldn’t understand.

I have been many people throughout the time of humankind.

I have harnessed my energy into this life to learn, accept and trust my soul.

I have many memories of the past and present to fill my mind

But I never realized that the overwhelming sense of deja vu  was from experience.

I have lived lives of both genders; Living wealthy in luxury and money; Being greedy and selfish.

Once upon a time came and went with many a moon.

Only the bits and pieces of feelings collected over this life have confirmed what I could not understand.

I thought I was insane.

I couldn’t make sense of my misunderstanding and blamed the world for the insanity.

I learned in the darkened dream of my reality.

I am insane and able to understand the existence of my soul.

Time has allowed my soul to mature richly with many lessons through many lives.

There are other enlightened ones such as myself.

My soul has been able to travel the globe.

I can feel my connection to the times of different eras and ages.

I am on the path to enlightenment.


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