Losing to the Darkness

There are those days when the clouds set in.

Blue skies covered with grey.

As it darkens the sadness grows.

Overwhelmed with pain and unable to move.

Time disappears as the day passes.

Surrounded by the pillows

And hidden under the blanket.

There is no escape.

A frown takes over

As heavy eye lids

Close the ears

Soundproofing the mind

Creating a vortex where a heart once beat.

A black hole of emotion.




Emptying the body of spirit

Becoming a ghost.


Lost in the world of dreams.

But are they dreams or the way we return to where we belong.

The place of our soul’s beginning.

Or are they just another reality?

An existence for our soul’s rejuvenation for our energy to regenerate.

Maybe we need to surrender

So that we may survive.


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